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Back Up Your Files With Dropbox

Dropbox is an amazing service. It lets you back up your files, sync them between computers, and share them with your friends.

If you have Dropbox installed on both your office and home computer, you can start working on a file in your office, save it there, come back home and start where you left at your home computer. No need to carry files in pen drive, or shuffling between various versions of same file.

Also, as it saves your files to the cloud, you can keep a back up of your important files in it. This has come handy to me numerous times, as I could get the file even in my office.

Now imagine if your computer goes blank due to some virus or hardware problem, you can still access your files on the internet or your laptop or smartphone, where Dropbox is installed.

Dropbox offers a free account with 2 GB storage. But if you sign up and install Dropbox using the link here, both of us will get 500 MB extra as bonus.

Sign up here for free 2 GB + 500 MB bonus at Dropbox

Offline YouTube Introduced in India

Offline YouTube Introduced in India

Gone are the days when you could not enjoy your favorite video on YouTube due to buffering issues.

Google has released a new offline feature within YouTube app that lets you take videos offline to watch later. Now you can choose to add the video for offline viewing by tapping on the offline icon.

Google says that videos taken offline this way can be played back without an Internet connection for 48 hours.

Read more at Google Blog.

Five Million Gmail Passwords Hacked

A list containing as many as 5 million usernames and passwords from Google's Gmail users has been leaked online by Russian hackers.

The account details have been posted online on a Bitcoin security forum called, by a user. He has claimed that over 60 percent of credentials found inside are valid.

However, Google while acknowledging the leak in a blog post, said that its servers would have blocked suspicious log-in attempts. It further said that only 2% of the password and username combos would work.

Google said: "Often, these credentials are obtained through a combination of other sources. For instance, if you reuse the same username and password across websites, and one of those websites gets hacked, your credentials could be used to log into the others. Or attackers can use malware or phishing schemes to capture login credentials."

It may also be possibel that many of the leaked passwords do not correspond to Gmail or Google accounts, but to accounts on other sites where users have used their Gmail addresses as the user name.

If you want to check whether your password was one that has been leaked, you can visit and input your email address there. You may also like to change all your passwords.

I would also recommended enabling 2-step verification for Gmail.

Click here to check if your email id was leaked.

Get WonderFox Video Converter Factory Pro For Free

WonderFox Video Converter Factory Pro is an all-in-one, fast, reliable and easy-to-use video conversion software, supporting more than 100 video/ audio formats.

It helps you convert your videos to many formats, like  AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, MPG, MOV, 3GP, MP3, AAC, WMA etc. WonderFox Video Converter Factory Pro supports batch conversion mode. It means you can convert up to 10 videos at a time.

It is also a video editing software, letting you cut part of videos, crop videos to remove the black bars, and merge multiple video files into one.

And you can get the Pro edition of the WonderFox video converter for free for a limited time here.

Get it soon.

WonderFox Video Converter Factory Pro

Free IT Training by Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Virtual Academy offers hundreds of online courses for free for anyone interested in learning of Windows and other product from Microsoft.

It can IT professionals, developers, students learn the latest technology, build their skills, and advance their careers.

Besides videos and Powerpoint presentations, the course also includes live events and Q&A sessions.

You can earn points for your learning, achieve different levels of badges, and get certificates when you complete an entire course.

MVA is free of charge, you just need to log in with your Microsoft Live ID. The site will keep track of your progress.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Introduced

Samsung has introduced Galaxy Alpha, unveiling its new design approach. It has a a metal frame and a solid finish, while still maintaining the flagship Galaxy experience. At less than 7 mm thick, the Galaxy Alpha is also one of the slimmest Galaxy devices ever.

The device offers Android 4.4.4 (Kitkat) and is equipped with a brilliant 4.7-inch HD Super AMOLED display as well as an advanced camera and real time HDR for an unrivaled viewing and photo experience. The Galaxy Alpha also includes innovative and popular features such as Ultra-Power Saving Mode, S Health, Finger Print Scanner, Private Mode and connectivity with the latest Samsung Gear Fit, Gear Live and Gear 2 wearables. There is a 12MP rear camera and 2.1 MP front camera.

Samsung says the device  will be available at the beginning of September. Users can get it in colors ranging from Charcoal Black, Dazzling White, Frosted Gold, Sleek Silver, and Scuba Blue, depending on their market.

For more details, visit Samsung here.

Swiftkey Keyboard for Android Now Free

One of the best android apps, Swiftkey Keyboard, is now free for all users. Until now, you had to buy it for $3.99.

The update also offers new features, including support for over 800 emoji and more than 30 new themes.Some of new features are:
  • Emoji prediction: SwiftKey’s learning engine predicts emoji as you type relevant words. For example, type “burg” and the burger emoji appears.
  • Number Row: The latest update now offers access to an optional number row.
  • New Languages: Swiftkey now supports 66 languages at a contextual level. This makes users worldwide enjoy the benmefits of Swiftkey.
For users who had bought Swiftkey earlier, compny is offering a pack of 10 new premium themes worth $4.99. 

Reserve Bank of India Circular – Counterfeit Notes

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Circular Regarding Detection and Impounding of Counterfeit Notes

As per the circular, the detection of counterfeit notes should be at the back office / currency chest only.

Banknotes when tendered over the counters may be checked for arithmetical accuracy and other deficiencies like whether there are mutilated notes, and appropriate credit passed on to the account or value in exchange given. Thereafter the notes should be passed over to the back office / currency chest, as the case may be, for detailed verification and authentication through machines.

In no case, the counterfeit notes should be returned to the tenderer or destroyed by the bank branches / treasuries.

Read the complete Reserve Bank of India Circular at

YOPmail - Disposable Email Address

When you’re giving out your email, like for a newsletter, you might want a fake temporary address. For a disposable email inbox, YopMail is a great service that just works. It stores the messages for up to eight days. You can use ‘any-name-of-your-choice’ to sign up anywhere. Email sent to the ‘address’ is instantaneously created at YOPmail server. No registration is required for checking your temporary inbox at YOPmail

YOPmail - Disposable Email Address


How to send a fake email

To send anonymous emails, you can use Deadfake. Just fill in the To, From, Subject, and Message boxes and you’re done. Just make sure that the From address you choose contains a real internet domain name.

How to send a fake email